OSHPRA History & Membership Information 
Serving our Retired and Active members since 1975

The Association is devoted to strengthening and perpetuating a strong alliance between retired and active members of the Patrol family. Also, the Association strives to keep the lines of communication open between all retirees through quarterly Association meetings, an Annual Reunion Banquet, numerous social events throughout the year, the use of a computerized telephone notification system and this web site.

The Association's structure, mission, goals and responsibilities are clearly spelled out in the organizational by-laws. An elected Executive Board, made up of elected officers and a representative and alternate from each patrol district, provides statewide representation.

How it all began

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association (OSHPRA) began as an idea generated by a group of retirees in early 1975. An organizational meeting was held in May, 1975 and Homer Hall was chosen as Acting President of the fledgling association. By June of 1975, the original planning group had formed various committees, elected interim association officers, and established temporary membership dues of $5.00 per year to begin July 1, 1975.

A By-Laws Committee was formed with John Bishop as Chairman to draft the new association's by-laws. Committee members included Wendell Lohr, Garnet Moore, Jim Gibbs, and Walt Fender. After many hours of research, discussion and study, the committee presented the final draft of the association's proposed by-laws to the membership for review and approval. The by-laws were adopted on November 8, 1975 at the association's first annual meeting. The first officers elected at the annual meeting were: President - John Bishop; Vice President - Wendell Lohr; Secretary - Bob Richardson; and Treasurer - Ed Hann.


The Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association was formed as a non-profit, fraternal, patriotic and historical association devoted to strengthening and perpetuating a stronger alliance between members. A primary purpose of The Association was to perpetuate the memory and history of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and to support and assist the active Highway Patrol in the maintenance of law and order. The Executive Board of The Association originally consisted of the elected officers and five area representatives throughout the state. The Board now includes the elected officers and ten (10) association representatives: one from each of the nine geographic Patrol Districts, plus an at-large representative representing out-of-state retirees. The members of the Executive Board preside at annual and quarterly association meetings and are responsible for handling all regular business of The Association. 

The goals originally established by The Association were to: 

Provide assistance to widows and families of deceased members and retirees

Strive for the enactment of legislation favorable to retired members

Increase membership and strength so these goals could be accomplished


The Legislative Committee was formed to monitor legislative activity that might impact members of The Association.  


Membership in The Association is now open to all employees, both sworn and non-sworn, who retire from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. After the original assessment of $5.00 per year annual dues, dues were increased to $25.00 for 1976. They were reduced to $10.00 per year the following year and remained at that level until 1999 when they were changed to the current level of $12.00 per year or $1.00 per month. 

At the end of 1976, there were 171 members in the new Association. The Association has continued to steadily grow to a current membership of over 1400 members and has remained a truly fraternal organization. Since its formation, The Association has had 14 presidents, many serving several years in the position. The past presidents and members of the Executive Board have played, and continue to play, a large role in the growth and success The Association enjoys today.

The Association works hard to keep all members informed of serious injuries, illnesses and deaths of members, their spouses and immediate family members. This information is immediately provided to all members through The Association's Automated Telephone Message and Email Notification systems. This system automatically provides each member with a telephone and/or email message that includes pertinent information. Also, members are kept abreast of upcoming special events that might be of interest.

As a former uniform or civilian member of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, who retired or resigned in good standing, you are eligible to become a member of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association.  For only $1.00 per month, you will be included on our One Call notification system and granted access to our Member's only page.  Members receive a membership card, lapel pin, and vehicle decal.  Members are also invited to our four annual gatherings, including the Florida Snowbird Reunion, the Retiree's Cookout, the North Coast Sunbird Reunion, and our Fall Annual Meeting.  Click open the attached PDF, fill out the information requested and send to our Retirement System Office: 

Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association
Attention: Holly Carr
1900 Polaris Parkway, Suite 201
Columbus, Ohio 43240-4037