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Welcome to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association's website. It is designed to serve as a communications link by providing information and services to Association members, current Ohio State Highway Patrol employees, other law enforcement personnel and the public at large.

The "Public", or open access area of the site, includes information about the Association, History of the Patrol, links to other sites related to the Retirees' Association and Upcoming Social Activities.

The "Members Only" area of the website is accessible by Association members through the use of a password. This area includes information on the illness of members, the death of a member or immediate family, meeting notes and other important announcements. 

We are proud of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, our Association, and retirees of the Patrol. We consider them to be the best group of people anywhere to associate with!
The Members Only page was updated 
July 2nd, 2022
Coming Retirements - 

Information to send congratulatory cards or attend final day festivities can be found on the Members-Coming Events Page 

Sgt. Chris Coverstone, Piqua Criminal Patrol                     July 5th

Tpr. Ronald Schneider, DHQ 6 / OIS                                       July 15th

Tpr. Belinda "B.J." Hodson, GHQ-OIS                                    July 22nd

Lt. Clint Arnold, Hamilton Patrol Post                                   July 25th

Director Tammy Darden, Crime Lab                                      July 29th

PLLI David Brown, Findlay DHQ                                             August 8th

Disp. Lori Fishell, Lebanon C.C.                                                August 12th

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Gil Jones Tribute Video 2020
Louis Sharp Classroom Dedication 2020
Annual Luncheon
Snowbird 2020 Fellowship at the Marriott
Marietta Breakfast
April 2022
Snowbird 2020 Business Meeting & Luncheon 
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Better Retirement
Our Prayer List 
for our friends in distress (Updated 6/20)  

Many of those in our patrol family, or their family members, are suffering through the hardships of cancer treatments or other life threatening illnesses.  A complete prayer list of our friends in distress can be found on the Member's Page. 

Retired Lt. K.O. Martin is being treated at the Clermont Mercy Hospital ICU for a "GI Bleed" in serious condition, as reported by his daughter, retired Dispatcher Rebel Martin. His prognosis is encouraging. Information to send cards of encouragement can be found on the member's page.

Rudy Yokum, husband of SHPFCU Linda Yokum is being treated for lung and brain cancer.  He was recently admitted to Riverside Hospital, undergoing chemo treatments. 

Retired Sergeant Sid Stark continues his recovery at his home after receiving treatments for lung cancer.  Sid recently advised that the treatments have been successful, improving the condition of his lungs.  CT scans will be conducted every three months. 

Retired DX Clerk Mary Blevins recently suffered a broken hip and is recovering at her home.

Information to send cards of encouragement can be found on the Member's page. Prayers are always encouraged and appreciated. If there are others in our patrol family that are in some type of distress or difficulty please let us know so we can add them to our prayer list.

Fred Raby Tribute Video 2020
Welcome to the 
Retiree's Association
Lt. Colonel Teaford
First Quarter Meeting Notes for the 2022 Snowbird Reunion @ Lake Mary, Florida conducted on March 26th, 2022 can be viewed on the Members / Coming Events Page
Sunbird Reunion, Waldo 2021

STO Update -  Thanks to all who attended the Retiree's Cookout on Friday, June 17th, we had a great turnout.  A special thank you to the additional 46 Ohio State Highway Patrol Retiree's, and friends of the Patrol who made the commitment to support the State Troopers of Ohio, Inc. 
With our condolences we report the passing of Bernice A. Blosser, age 85, surviving spouse of Retired Radio Technician David J. Blosser, on June 16, 2022. David started with the patrol on January 11, 1960 and passed away on August 22, 2016.

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's Page.
Lt. K.O. Martin from a few years back!
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Mary Blevins (Green) with fellow DX Retiree Mary Carnes-Napper 

A Highway Dedication and Memorial Service for Trooper William R. "Randy" Bender,
(pictured right) and his father, Deputy Sheriff William "Bill" Bender will be held at the 
Marion County Sheriff's Office on Friday, July 15th, at 10:00 AM.  In 1973, Deputy 
Bender was killed along Route 309 in Marion while en route to set up a road block 
as a result of an escape from a nearby jail. Just 9 years later, his son, Trooper 
Randy Bender died after being struck by a tractor trailer while directing traffic 
at a construction site.  House Bill 26, sponsored by Ohio Representative Tracy
Richardson, will designate a portion of Ohio State Route 309 as the "Deputy Sheriff
Bill Bender and Trooper Randy Bender Memorial Highway." 

The Sunbird Reunion will be at the All Occasions Banquet Facility
south of Waldo on Saturday, August 20th. 

The Annual Luncheon is Scheduled for October 22nd at the Aladdin Shrine Center in Grove City.

The 2023 Snowbird Reunion will be at the Marriott Conference Center in Lake Mary Florida, February 23-25. 

Snowbird Luncheon
March 2022
Snowbird Golf 
Pizza Reception 2022
With our condolences, we report the passing of Jane G. Keating, age 90, surviving spouse of Trooper William J. Keating, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Bill graduated from the 43rd Academy class on December 16, 1954 and passed away on October 17, 2017.

Service and condolence information can be found on the members page.
Another Great Time at the Retiree's Cookout!

The Minutes for the 2nd quaterly meeting of the Retiree's Association can be viewed on the Members / Coming Events Page.
We had a great time at the Retiree's Cookout, now its time to sign-up for the Sunbird Reunion scheduled for Saturday, August 20th at the All Occasions Banquet Facility south of Waldo in Marion County.

The final cost for the 2022 Sunbird Reunion has been set at $15 per meal. Click open the registration PDF below, the registration deadline is August 6th or limited to the first 120 attendees.