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Welcome to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association's website. It is designed to serve as a communications link by providing information and services to Association members, current Ohio State Highway Patrol employees, other law enforcement personnel and the public at large.

The "Public", or open access area of the site, includes information about the Association, History of the Patrol, links to other sites related to the Retirees' Association and Upcoming Social Activities.

The "Members Only" area of the website is accessible by Association members through the use of a password. This area includes information on the illness of members, the death of a member or immediate family, meeting notes and other important announcements. 

We are proud of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, our Association, and retirees of the Patrol. We consider them to be the best group of people anywhere to associate with!
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The Members Only page was updated on March 29, 2015
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Coming Retirements

Tailor Virginia Bryant, GHQ                                    March 31st

MVI Kelly M. Semple, Cleveland District            April 3rd

Tpr. J. T. Fowler, Cambridge LCS                          May 1st

Sgt. Donnie Ryan. Cambridge LCS                        May 15th

Reception Information can be found on the Members - Coming Events Page
2015 Executive Board
Introducing the OSHPRA Executive Board for 2015.  From the left: 1st Vice-President Lou Gliozzi, President Gilbert Jones, 2nd Vice-President Pamela Sullivan, Secretary Kevin Titler, Treasurer Brian Landis and Past President Butch Collins
The next Walt Liddle Memorial Luncheon is scheduled for May 14th in Delaware.  Get the details on the Member's page.
The 2nd quarterly meeting of the OSHPRA will be at the Academy on May 8th at 10:30 AM, prior to the Annual Memorial Service at 1:00 PM.  A bean day lunch will be available immediately after the meeting.
Update 3292015 - Along with retired Colonel Tom Rice, Brenda and I enjoyed a visit with the "Rev" and Linda Ellsworth yesterday as Linda convalesces in Granville. They are both doing well and expressed their appreciation for the many cards and other well wishes that they have received over the past few weeks. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Update 3292015 - Along with retired Colonel Tom Rice, Brenda and I enjoyed a visit with Dave and Elaine Sturtz at their home yesterday. Major Dave expressed his appreciation for the many cards, telephone calls, and other well wishes that he has received over the past few weeks. 

A highlight of our visit was an extended discussion about the Captain Dave Sturtz obstacle course that he created along the Blanchard River while serving as the Commander of the Findlay District. Captain Sturtz created the obstacle course to build morale among the troops. When a Toledo Blade reported asked to do a story about the obstacle course, Captain Sturtz insisted that the reporter try the course himself or he wouldn't agree to do the story. While climbing one of the barriers the reporter broke his ankle. The story was very positive! 

Please continue to keep Dave and Elaine in your prayers!

April has been designated as OSP Retiree Outreach Month.  June 12th will be the Retiree's Cookout and first Retiree's CCW Session at the range. Go to the Members / Coming Events page to see events planned at all Division Facilities to honor our Retirees.
With our condolences we report the passing of retired Trooper John J. Kalisz, 73, of the 73rd Academy Class.  Service and obituary information can be found on the member's page