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Welcome to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association's website. It is designed to serve as a communications link by providing information and services to Association members, current Ohio State Highway Patrol employees, other law enforcement personnel and the public at large.

The "Public", or open access area of the site, includes information about the Association, History of the Patrol, links to other sites related to the Retirees' Association and Upcoming Social Activities.

The "Members Only" area of the website is accessible by Association members through the use of a password. This area includes information on the illness of members, the death of a member or immediate family, meeting notes and other important announcements. 

We are proud of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, our Association, and retirees of the Patrol. We consider them to be the best group of people anywhere to associate with!
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The Members Only page was updated 
November 24th, 2020
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Information to send congratulatory cards can be found on the Members-Coming Events Page 

Sgt. Timothy Timberlake, Cambridge DHQ                November 25th

Sgt. Timothy Dearmitt, Cleveland DHQ                        November 25th

Tpr. Matthew Whims, Columbus DHQ                          December 3rd

Lt. Charles Gullett, Norwalk Patrol Post                      December 4th

Captain Travis Hughes, Bucyrus DHQ                          December 18th

ET2 Cheryl Chever, Central Install                                  December 28th 

ETM Shawn Piper, Central Install                                   December 31st

IS3 Lawrence Confer, Finance & Logistics                   December 31st

Sgt. Aaron Gentry, Cincinnati Patrol Post                    January 4th

Tpr. Michael Seibel, Cincinnati Patrol Post                 January 8th 
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Sunbird Reunion 2019
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Link to the coming events calendar at ohprs.org for all coming events involving our active and retired members.
Gil Jones Tribute Video 2020
2020 Curt Kordel 90th Birthday Party 
Louis Sharp Classroom Dedication 2020
A Visit with Evelyn Reiss
Snowbird 2020 Fellowship at the Marriott
Pension News - Summaries of the most recent OSHPRS Board meetings are now being provided to the membership. To access the summary, link to the Retirement System's web page , log into your account and click on "Board Meeting Updates". During the February 21st meeting, the strategic plan was updated and GRS Retirement Consulting provided an overview of their most recent actuarial report and its potential impact on future COLA and active member contribution rates.  
2020 Snowbird Golf Scramble 
Retiree's Cookout 2019
SP 683 Dedication
Gil Jones Leap Year Birthday Celebration 2020
Snowbird 2020 Business Meeting & Luncheon 
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Our Prayer List 
for our friends in distress (Updated 11/7

Many of those in our patrol family, or their family members, are suffering through the hardships of cancer treatments or other life threatening illnesses.  

Jonathan P. Adams, brother of  active Trooper R. Scott Adams (Lebanon Post), passed away unexpectedly on November 8, 2020. Condolence and service information can be found on the Member's page.

Retired S/Lt. Ben Joehnk is being treated for Parkinson's decease. Contact information to send a card of support can be found on the Member's page. 

Retired Lt. Craig Seitz recovering from complications due to a stroke. Contact information for notes and cards of support can be found on the member’s page.

Retired S/Lieutenant Doug Wells is in treatment for congestive heart failure and other serious medical issues at his home.

Retired Captain Don Slemmer (pictured upper left) continues his recovery after suffering a serious fall and fracturing his pelvis in four places.

Information to send cards of encouragement can be found on the Member's page. Prayers are always encouraged and appreciated. If there are others in our patrol family that are in some type of distress or difficulty please let us know so we can add them to our prayer list.
​With our condolences, we report the passing of Retired Lieutenant Kenneth M. Garloch, Sr., age 79, passed away Monday, November 23, 2020. Ken graduated from the 63rd academy class on January 10, 1964 and retired on February 8, 1992. He is predeceased by his spouse, Judith. Ken was father to Retired Staff Lieutenant Kenneth M. Garloch, Jr. and grandfather to Trooper Brian K. Garloch and Dispatcher Erin Garloch.

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's page. 
On November 6, 2020 we conducted the 4th Quarter Business Meeting at the OSP Retirement System's Conference Room in Columbus. Thank you Director Carl Roark and Holly Carr for helping us through our ZOOM meeting with those members that wished to participate! 
Retiree's Association Officers conducted the annual memorial service, remembering those who we have lost over the last year.  Congratulations to our elected board members for 2021, President Robert Booker, 1st Vice President Dale Larue, 2nd Vice President Ginny Fogt, Secretary Christine Untrauer, and Treasurer Brenda Collins. Meeting notes are available on the Member's Only, Coming Events page.
With our condolences, we report the passing of Retired Sergeant Donald J. Bever, age 86, passed away Tuesday, November 17, 2020. Donald graduated from the 48th academy class on July 19, 1957 and retired on April 8, 1989. He is predeceased by his spouse, Rose. 

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's page. 
With our condolences we report the passing of Retired Electronic Technician II Paul A. Garbutt, age 78, on Sunday, November 15, 2020. Paul was hired on April 20, 1980 and retired on October 21, 2000. 

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's page.