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Welcome to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association's website. It is designed to serve as a communications link by providing information and services to Association members, current Ohio State Highway Patrol employees, other law enforcement personnel and the public at large.

The "Public", or open access area of the site, includes information about the Association, History of the Patrol, links to other sites related to the Retirees' Association and Upcoming Social Activities.

The "Members Only" area of the website is accessible by Association members through the use of a password. This area includes information on the illness of members, the death of a member or immediate family, meeting notes and other important announcements. 

We are proud of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, our Association, and retirees of the Patrol. We consider them to be the best group of people anywhere to associate with!
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February 20th, 2024
Coming Retirements - 

Information to send congratulatory cards or attend final day festivities can be found on the Members-Coming Events Page 

MVI Peter Carey, Cleveland DHQ                                   February 16th

PLLI James Reynolds, Wilmington DHQ                    March 15th

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Snowbird Luncheon - Business Meeting 
February 2023
Snowbird Golf 
February 2023
Snowbird Wine Tasting Trip & Hospitality Greetings February  2023
Retiree's Cookout
June 2022
Our Prayer List 
for our friends in distress (Updated 2/15)  

Many of those in our patrol family, or their family members, are suffering through the hardships of cancer treatments or other life threatening illnesses.  A complete prayer list of our friends in distress can be found on the Member's Page. 

2/15 - Mary Arend, wife of  retired Toledo Sergeant Dan Arend, continues her treatment for brain cancer.  She is scheduled for an MRI today (2/15). 

2/15 - Joe DiCorpo, our friend from the Cleveland Police Museum Vintage Car Group, has been hospitalized with a very advanced stage of cancer. 

2/7 - Retired Auxiliary Major Randy Schaefer Sr. had heart bypass surgery on January 30 and is recovering at his home in Lima. Randy is the father of Administrative Assistant Patty Schaefer Hughes and FIL of retired Captain Travis Hughes.

1/17 - Retired Captain Dave Gillespie is being treated for 'mixed dementia' and aphasia, causing difficulties with his verbal and written communication skills.  

1/10 - Retired Sergeant Larry Pilzecker is being treated for an advanced stage of liver cancer. Larry is undergoing various tests and treatments as he and Jan move back to Ohio to be closer to family. 

Information to send cards of encouragement can be found on the Member's page. Prayers are always encouraged and appreciated. If there are others in our patrol family that are in some type of distress or difficulty please let us know so we can add them to our prayer list.

Sunbird Reunion 
August 2022
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Sgt. Mark Woodring

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Sunbird Reunion
August 2023
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Annual Luncheon
October, 2022
Snowbird Pizza Gathering & 
Cornhole Tourney
February 2023

Snowbird 2024 @ Lake Mary, Fl  March 15-16

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Retiree's Cookout
June 2023
Randy Schaefer with Travis & Patty Hughes
Larry and Jan Pilzecker
Annual Luncheon
October 2023
Dave Gillespie with sons Aaron and Nate
[email protected]

To our Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina Friends,

In just a few short weeks we will all be gathering in Lake Mary, Florida for the 36th Annual Snowbird Reunion. The registration information and detailed agenda can be found by clicking open the PDF in the box below this message.  As we have done since 2014, OSHPRA President Bob Booker will conduct the first quarter business meeting of the Retirees’ Association prior to the noon luncheon on Saturday, March 16th. Following the luncheon, an active ranks update will be provided by Colonel Chuck Jones and Director Carl Roark will provide updates on matters regarding the OHPRS, including health care issues. As Assistant Director of the State Troopers of Ohio Inc., I will be providing an update regarding our legislative efforts with the Ohio General Assembly.

As a Snowbird or full-time Florida, South Carolina, or Georgia resident, please consider attending the 2024 reunion.  According to our records, we have over 70 OSHP retirees residing in Florida and 18 retirees residing in South Carolina and Georgia.  Most of you are members of the Retirees’ Association. We would really like to have you join us. Snowbird attendance has been on the decline and if we hope to continue the Snowbird tradition in the years ahead, we really need to improve the attendance.

If you have any questions, would like to make suggestions or give us some ideas on improving what we do please call me, I would like to hear from you. My number is 419-937-7980. You can email me at [email protected]

Colonel Butch Collins, Retired
Past President / Memberships / Website
Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees’ Association
Colonel Tom Rice enjoys a moment with Joe DiCorpo of the Cleveland Police Vintage Car Museum at the 2021 Sunbird Reunion.  He was largely responsible for the restoration of SP-683, a 1987 Chevrolet Caprice. Joe has had a number of health issues the last few years and was recently hopitalized.  
With our condolences, we report the passing of retired Radio Technician 4 Forrest Lee "Buck" Rhodes, 91, of Brewster, on February 19, 2024. He is survived by his wife and high school sweetheart, Emma Lou (Ritchie) Rhodes.  Buck started as a dispatcher at the Marietta Post, retiring in 1985 after 27 years of dedicated service.

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's Page.