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Welcome to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees' Association's website. It is designed to serve as a communications link by providing information and services to Association members, current Ohio State Highway Patrol employees, other law enforcement personnel and the public at large.

The "Public", or open access area of the site, includes information about the Association, History of the Patrol, links to other sites related to the Retirees' Association and Upcoming Social Activities.

The "Members Only" area of the website is accessible by Association members through the use of a password. This area includes information on the illness of members, the death of a member or immediate family, meeting notes and other important announcements. 

We are proud of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, our Association, and retirees of the Patrol. We consider them to be the best group of people anywhere to associate with!
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July 22nd, 2024
Coming Retirements - 

Information to send congratulatory cards or attend final day festivities can be found on the Members-Coming Events Page 

Sgt. Brian Holt, Canfield Patrol Post                            July 17th

Tpr. Jaime Sweitzer, Ravenna Patrol Post                July 19th (ceremony)

Lt. Richard 'Chris' Chesar, Marietta Patrol Post    August 2nd

Sgt. Christopher Brock, Cleveland Patrol Post        August 9th

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Link to the coming events calendar at ohprs.org for all coming events involving our active and retired members.
Snowbird Luncheon - Business Meeting 
February 2023
Snowbird Golf 
February 2023
Snowbird Wine Tasting Trip & Hospitality Greetings February  2023
Snowbird Pizza Party 
March 2024
Our Prayer List 
for our friends in distress (Updated 7/17)  

Many of those in our patrol family, or their family members, are suffering through the hardships of cancer treatments or other life threatening illnesses.  A complete prayer list of our friends in distress can be found on the Member's Page. 

7/17 - UPDATE - Mary Arend, wife of retired Toledo Sergeant Dan Arend, continues her treatment for a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor, an aggressive, rare brain cancer that is extrememly difficult to treat. Mary's condition has stabilized as she continues her out patient treatments. She is scheduled for an MRI later this month.  

7/10 - Retired Trooper Larry Hetrick recently suffered a fall at his home, fracturing a vertabrae in his neck.  Larry is recovering at his home following surgery. 

6/30 - Retiree Sergeant Hargis Short was recently diagnosed with COVID, receiving treatment at his home. 

6/28 Tara Duzan, wife of active Trooper Chad Duzan was recently diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. This will require her to undergo chemotherapy and eventual surgery in the coming weeks and months. Among the stresses of receiving this devasting news is the financial burden that accompanies it.  Click open the PDF below for details regarding a fundraiser and raffle to help the Duzan family with the ancillary expenses related to her treatment. 

Information to send cards of encouragement can be found on the Member's page. Prayers are always encouraged and appreciated. If there are others in our patrol family that are in some type of distress or difficulty please let us know so we can add them to our prayer list.

Snowbird Golf Outing
March 2024

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Sunbird Reunion
August 2023
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Welcome to the 
Retirees' Association
Nikki Snead 

For the 90th Anniversary, in lieu of a 90th Anniversary Yearbook, the Division has provided a 'Snapshot in Time' visual personnel bulletin with the name, photo, and assignment of our active personnel across the state.

 Simply access the Digital Yearbooks page and click open the PDF below the photos of Colonel Jones, Lt. Colonel Swindell and Lt. Colonel Linek to see our active employees as assigned in May of 2024.
Chad and Tara Duzan 
2024 THIRD Quarter Meeting Notes from the RETIREES COOKOUT Meeting at the Academy on Friday, June 21st, 2024 can be viewed on the MEMBERS - COMING EVENTS PAGE
Larry and Carol Hetrick with Butch Collins
With our condolences, we report the passing of Dispatcher Tracy Jo Caughey, 56, of New Philadelphia Communications Center, on July 19, 2024 in the loving care of her sisters following a brief battle with cancer. Born in Dover on February 5, 1968, she was the daughter of the late Jerry T. and Betty Ann (Rennicker) Ferren. After graduating from New Philadelphia High School, Tracy served as a dispatcher for the sheriff’s department, Newcomerstown Police Department, 911, and most recently the Wooster and Tuscarawas County Patrol Posts for the Ohio Highway Patrol. She is survived by her son, James Adam Caughey.

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's page. 

With our condolences, we report the passing of Charlotte Gambill, age 84, spouse of retired Trooper Norman Gambill. Charlotte passed on July 13th, surrounded by her loved ones at home. Norman, who survives, was a graduate of the 55th Academy Class, and was married to Charlotte for 67 years. 

Service and condolence information can be found on the Member's page.
Dan and Mary Arend

2017 Colonel's Retirees Cookout from Old Guard Productions on Vimeo.

From the archives! The 2017 Retiree's Cookout!  
As a reminder, we are combining the Sunbird and the Annual Luncheon for our final Retirees' Association event in 2024, scheduled for Saturday, September 14th at the All Occasions Banquet Facility in Waldo. Registration flyers will be available soon. As in the past, this will be a noon time luncheon. Mark your calendars, we hope to see you there!